We physiotherapists know that rehabilitation works

The challenge is how to best teach patients the information and exercises that they need to know at each step of the way. Further to that, rehabilitation is tough, and so we have to find ways to motivate and engage people with their physiotherapy plan! That is what TRAK is for!

Studies show that using digital/on-line tools such as TRAK, help people to engage and change behaviours to improve health. TRAK has many functions that will help you!

  • Email reminder to do exercises
  • An area to enter your short and long term personal goals and tick them off as you achieve them
  • An exercise log and charts of your personal progress including the types of exercises and specific exercises you may be focusing on
  • A detailed Learn More About information section with animations, infographs, videos, lots of ways of learning the information you need to know as part of your recovery from ACL Surgery
  • A personalised exercise section as well as a large exercise video library, to meet the needs of lots of different people and provide variety in physiotherapy exercises

What is TRAK ACL?

TRAK ACL is a web-based application that aims to help you manage your knee condition at home by providing a patient-focused approach to sharing information, improving exercise prescription, accessing advice from a physiotherapist and monitoring progress.

TRAK ACL has been developed following a programme of research by a team of clinicians, computer scientists and researchers from Cardiff & Vale University Health Board and Cardiff University.

Content for TRAK ACL was developed by Emma Dunphy NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow, University College London.

You can read more about our research and related work (links to an external site).